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Screen tearing using Nvidia 1650 geforce gtx

Hi y’all! Well I have just finished building my new system powered by AMD Ryzen 7 2700 with a Nvidia 1650 Geforce gtx. So I tried to install the latest 2019-29 install. But I’m getting tearing at the start of the install.

I can get into grub using linux mint (at least that’s what it looks like).
Anyone have any ideas how to fix this so that I can continue to install.
Have tried re-installing using 2019-20, but was having issues with minitcpio not finding linux-zen.
Any help would be appreciated.

Can you not just continue regardless and then use to fix things later?

EDIT: and you still have your exact location printed on your camera pictures, can you not disable that?

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I just forgot to turn that blasted feature off. Anyways, I just went into my BIOS and switched everything back to default. A setting in my BIOS was causing the display to rip. I’m not sure exactly what triggered the screen to start tearing when the installer scripts started to be executed. I was going to try and do the install blindly, but the installer had changed significantly. After resetting the BIOS the screen tearing disappeared. After installing AL, I’m going to experiment and switch the settings I had until the failure starts to see what setting caused the issue.

Tearing in the virtual console? That’s new

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Yeah, I was thinking my vision wasn’t working correctly. I tried earlier version but was having issues with mininitcpo saying linux-zen wasn’t available. Anyway, The ACPI was set wrong in my BIOS and therefore caused the timing for the gpu to be off. I’ve been trying to learn what settings does what for this MSI motherboard. So, all is well on this install.