Screen moves with when cursor touching the screen borders


Can you post in game settings please.


ok love to but were would i find it, on windows it would be under C:/Users/Matouz/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV/ but on linux idk where it would be i checked /home/matouz/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Hearts of Iron IV/ but its not there or maybe I can’t find it.

I believe this is a resolution scaling/graphics driver problem in general because I tried to see if other games have similar problems. For example TeamFortess 2 had a problem with 1920x1080 were it would stretch the screen and thesame problem is in Killing Floor and in all game I believe. Hearts of Iron also don’t scale correctly in 1920x1080 (i use 2560x1080 in the screenshot).


Not really a solution but you can run Steam without a window manager.

Log in to a spare TTY and run

startx $(which steam)

It doesn’t work for CS:GO (the pointer craps out) but it might work for your game.


thx for the input the the only thing that i found that works is to go and change the resolution in the setting before you start the game. The game works perfectly after that its just annoying to change the resolution before and after you play.


Try running it in big picture mode if using it on top of a raw xsession

steam -bigpicture


Thanks Nate but I already tried that :confused:

Also, the option is now called -tenfoot rather than -bigpicture, apparently.


wtf thats stupid


I wouldn’t trust the steam docs to be honest, that link is also dead (for me at least) not sure if it’s just a mismatch between operating systems or if they just keep changing them without bumping the docs.


Addendum to my previous post.

This does in fact work, where as both switches do not

steam "steam://open/bigpicture"

This uses the standard steam way of launching games, these are the only options I could actually find any documentation on

-login - Bypass the Steam login window by entering your login information

-tcp - Launches Steam with the TCP protocol rather than the UDP protocol

-clearbeta - If you have opted into a Steam client public beta, opts out and returns Steam to the current official release.

-silent - Launches Steam to the system tray only. Normal Steam windows will only appear after clicking the system tray icon. If a password is not stored, the normal login window will still be displayed.



@Matouz Have a look here and try setting custom launch options for your game, particularly the -w <width> and -h <height> options. Setting Game Launch Options