Screen going off and on repeatedly instead of booting

I am using Archlabs Minimo. While booting, at a particular step where I am supposed to see the green OK steps showing, I am seeing instead that the screen is going off and comes to life with a cursor on top-left and nothing else. This is repeating for an indefinite amount of time. I use openbox DM and installed gnome settings package the last time. May be this is causing the problem. Please help me on how do I get rid of the situation. I am unable to login from any tty.

Why not? What happens if you try?

It shows the tty login screen for 1 second and again the same “screen going on and off” thing starts. I am unable to login to type anything to unisntall gnome-settings package.

Have you tried using the “Advanced Options” from the grub screen and booting the fallback option?

Yes I have tried that. Same outcome.

Not sure but can’t you chroot in through the archlabs installation media you used ?
This way you can probably remove this packet.

Also, did you try manually typing, even if on screen it doesn’t work ? Like login as root and then pacman -R ?

Yes I tried typing carefully on the blank screen. As expected, nothing significant happened.
I have not done the chroot thing. Please advice me when and what to do about that. Thanks a lot.

You might want to wait for someone to confirm that that’s the way to do.
But here is a link to help you understand the chroot thing.

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Thanks a lot.

Try pressing “e” with the ArchLabs GRUB (boot) menu entry highlighted then add to the end of the line that starts with “linux” and press <Ctrl>+x to boot the modified entry.

This should boot you to a console login from where you can fix your system.