Say it isn't so

Loved Nirvana, like Foo Fighters and like Dave Grohl but can’t imagine anyone replacing Neil Peart. I’ve got the Rush induction to the HoF on dvr and really get a kick out of Foo’s - Rush Impression but replacing Peart? Come on…

Maybe it’s just time for Geddy and Alex to put their feet up, enjoy their unmatched success and spend time with family.


Replacing Neil with anyone else is like replacing your teeth with wooden false teeth. It doesn’t make sense.

I personally think that Rush would call it quits if Neil left the band. Like Bonzo from Led Zep, he is just too crucial to the integrity of the band.

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I still can remember the very day when Bonham passed. One of those days you never forget. What a drummer :frowning:

Yes he was godly. The stuff he did…wow!


Wow, I remember listening to RUSH while in H.S. and college. In most cases, you can not replace anyone who was the original member and make it work. Only one group, that I could remember anyway, ended up being better when the lead singer was replaced.

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Even if Neil didn’t write all the lyrics, his drumming alone would be majorly missed. He is just amazing.


If anybody has the skills it’s the Grohlster… But it does seem wrong :confused:

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Yeah it wouldn’t seem right. Neil Peart is in a class of his own.

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I just like this snarky comment from the article:

Meg White could do it. Pearts good, but she may be even better.

OMG. Too funny.

Who is Meg White?

I was watching the Rush documentary last night. Peart is amazing. End of story.


Guess you can t just replace Peart, He s too much part of Rush s history .

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@Dobbie03 The poster was just making a joke. Meg White could be a mostly USA thing … I don’t really keep up with those ilk. But she was the drummer in the rock duo The White Stripes along with Jack White.

Meg is ranked #94 in Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of the best 100 drummers.

Top 5 on that list:

  1. John Bonham
  2. Keith Moon
  3. Ginger Baker
  4. Neil Peart
  5. Hal Blaine
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Yeah I thought it was a joke just had no idea who Meg White was. But now you mention the White Stripes, She’s a fucking awful drummer. How the hell did she make it into the top 100?

It s why I don t take Top 100s Rankings seriously, where are the Prog, Jazz & Fusion drummers that are way better than some mentionned in that list.


Agreed, but if considering only rock… imo, Bonzo and Peart should vie for number 1 ( not sure which deserves top honors and because their style is so different from one another, maybe they should share). I’d put Stewart Copeland a strong number 3 and where the hell is Cindy Blackman? Number 97? Gimme a break.I know everyone diggs Keith Moon but he shouldn’t even be in the top 20…imo

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Yep, one of the reasons I don t read Rolling Stones Mag, might have interesting stuff sometimes , but not my cup of tea usually.

Edit: Wonder what are the requisites for their rankings & who votes or say who s 1st etc.

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Read an interview recently with Ginger Baker. He’s a prickly bloke to be sure. The interviewer was shocked when Ginger admitted that he never practiced on the drums – just played at the gig and waited for the next. So the guy tells Ginger it’s just amazing that without ever practicing he can still play the way he does.

Ginger replies, “I’ve always been able to play the way I play.”

I don’t dig Keith Moon.

Roger Taylor from Queen should be on that list too, amazing drummer.

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I have every album (even the first!). “Moving pictures” is still my favorite. Neil Peart can not be replaced! It will not be RUSH anymore. They have done som much great music so it is still much to be discovered. Don’t do it!!



By the way, I read the other day that Rush have officially retired as of Jan 2018.

I’m gutted they went out with a stutter but they had an incredible career.