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“The latest release of ArchLabs Linux is a radical departure from the original concept as the distribution is now designed for users who like to customise their system during installation.” This grabbed my attention, and as I am an Xfce fan, I am trying out ArchLabs with Xfce in VirtualBox. A little trouble going through the installer-the auto partition was not what I expected-but have it running. Going to have to do a little more reading on installing software without Synaptic. Done it, but can’t remember.
Always thought well of Arch based distros, but not to keen on keyboard or CLI. Old timer, on old hardware. Good Luck to you and thanks for your work. Will learn more when I get it on real hardware.


Welcome and enjoy your stay. There is a thread here in the forum that points to YouTube installs and review of ArchLabs.
You can have a look at a few here: ArchLabs on YouTube

Some of these vids may answer a few questions you might have and also give you a bit of insight on what is available and what you might expect when you are ready to take the full on plunge :slight_smile:


Glad you’re here @jsalpha2. If you need help or want to share ideas, the community here is awesome! :smile:

Welcome aboard @jsalpha2 .

Welcome @jsalpha2!!

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