Sara wm

Check this out dudes,

Looks interesting.


Thx for sharing @Dobbie03.

Never heard about that one before.

It’s only been just publicly announced.

Oh, you re updated ith everything Linux I guess !

It s 2 months old, pretty new .

Nah, just saw it posted at /r/unixporn

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Ah, makes sense, I don t follow unixporn, but some times I have a look.

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Thanks for sharing. I’ll take a look as soon as I’m sober enough. :wink:

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@Dobbie03 Saw it at unixporn too. Looks interesting. Guess, i try it out in the next few days.

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So will I. Surprisingly I continue working on my useless sway menu script. :rofl:

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I’ve just read README. Given up.

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Ooh, very interesting, thanks for the heads-up :slight_smile:


Shame about the lack of UTF-8 support, slstatus doesn’t look good at all :frowning:


No, no it doesn’t

It’s just the bullet points I use as separators but to change them I have to recompile the entire package :frowning:

Yeah so many wm’s seemed to be based off dwm these days. At least its a quick compile (well I am assuming it is as dwm is quick and I had a feeling sara was based off dwm).

sara has half the codebase of dwm, which is an amazing achievement :dark_sunglasses:

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Yeah I’ve been watching this project for a month or so. Tempted to have a play but I’m kinda tired of tiling wms atm and am having fun with kiss/sowm after a few years with dwm. There’s a few other floaters I’d like to try also. Nice project through.

I have never tried out Tiling/Stack Window Managers.

I just put MATE (or XFCE sometimes) and get on with my work. I do my keyboard bindings and shortcuts in MATE DE itself. Every kind of keyboard shortcut I want…I can easily do it. Custom shortcuts is also possible in MATE. I have this cool Drop down terminal using XFCE terminal whenever I press F12. Can be configured by using xfce4-terminal --drop-down. Switching to different workspace is also simple and everything can be configured.

With all this available for me, is Openbox/i3/dwm/bspwm etc still necessary?