Sandy GTK/Openbox Theme

Created a new theme I call “Sandy”. You can see it in my latest screenshot:

Grab it from my GitHub


@Dobbie03 is it ok if I ask you to relink this please also the sublime link. Thank you in advance

Hey mate, get Sandy from here.

I don’t have the sublime theme on this computer, will share when I am back in the country next week.

Thanks appreciate it

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@Dobbie03, Can you share the background image?

Also, What icon set is that?

Guess that one needs to be a member of Gitlab, but could be mistaken here.

The icons are the ACYLS icons. Here is the wallpaper

@altman you do but I have made my repo private again. When I get a chance I’ll tidy it up and share it again.

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Sounds good to me.

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