SalentOS "Neriton" 2.0

The real pure Openbox experience on a Debian Stable based GNU/Linux OS

My thoughts:
For me, a fresh-new look (yeah, i know its been awhile since distro’s last release), at using openbox in a lively, bright designs. Yeah, some stuff dont work (like conky’s network monitoring), missing some stuff like a more elaborate application search but layout is there.

Bunsenlabs is updated and pretty much pure openbox for a debian based linux distro. As things change more and more, distros like this one will be too obsolete and very unstable. I wonder if the administration for this distro is active or is this distro abandoned?

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If I want Openbox and Debian then I head to BunsenLabs. They are the best in my opinion.


What does this mean “real pure” is there another version of Openbox?

tell more about control center, is pygtk?