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Apologies if i am in the wrong topic, again, but i see alot of refs to Sakura terminal in this thread so it seems logical to ask here. I used and like Sakura alot, but seems it is no longer an option in the latest AL install. Looks like it has also been moved to the AUR. When i do baph -i sakura i get
a cmake error that i somehow cannot reproduce here. I’m sure others have had this issue. First, why was sakura removed from the install options of AL?. Secondly, why was it demoted to the AUR? And finally, why can i not now install it using baph? Thanks for any input!

This should be in its own thread, hence the nove to a new one.

The move to the AUR isn’t something that is in our control. Why it didn’t install via baph is a question for @natemaia. Maybe baph might need an update or a tweak, only Nate can answer there.

The reason it was removed from the installer? No particular reason, probably because we didn’t see a need for it to be included. Probably best to post an issue or contact @natemaia if you strike any further issues with installation via baph.

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Unknown. Another user asked that question on the sakura AUR page.


My fav terminal.


If no TU wants to maintain the pkg in the community repo, it’s moved to AUR. Sakura appears to be the case.


If something fails the build process it’s unlikely an issue with baph. I’ll look at it tonight but I suspect raising an issue on the AUR page is the best thing to do.

As for it missing from the installer - we don’t support installation of AUR packages during install, it’s just a far too slippery slope with no official support. If there’s enough demand or we require something we package it and add it to the AL repo but we try to keep it minimal.

Hope that answers most of the questions.