Sad news: RIP Neil Peart;

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So sad… :frowning:

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RIP Neil.

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No way. No. NO. NOO! No fuck no.

Oh this makes me very, very, very sad. A real legend.

Rest in Peace Neil, your lyrics, songs, drumming and persona will continue to inspire me.

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You bet fellas, was kind of young also 67 yo.

Would ve tought he would not die from his cancer.

I didn’t realise he had brain cancer. He was such a private man.

So true & low profile guy.

I’m actually in tears. It’s amazing this band has had this much impact on me. It’s like I have lost a close friend.

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Bet that he got loads of impact on loads of people, a great guy.

Thx for sharing.


/r/progrockmusic is in mourning:

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Everyone’s gotta go at some time, he really was one of the greatest drummers (and canadians), feel bad for Alex and Geddy :frowning: gonna have to spam rush for a while.

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That is true, its probably had more of an impact as I didn’t even know he was unwell.

Neither did I and given how prevalent they are over here makes me think he just kept it mostly on the down low, makes sense though.

He was a super private dude so it doesn’t surprise me that he wouldn’t telegraph something like this.