Rxvt-unicode and vim

Hey guys been using archlabs for a long time, but recently reinstalled and made the rxvt-unicode my default terminal emulator.
The thing is vim with this terminal is unusable. Here is a pic. Is the problem with the config from rxvt or vim ? For comparison here is emacs

I’m no expert with Vim but is it your terminal colours that are the issue?

Not sure I’m using the default configs from archlabs.

I use urxvt as my default terminal and this is what I have, I recently changed colour schemes and it isn’t quite right.

Thanks ! So definitely a rxvt config problemas gonna look at that and if need any help I will come back . The file with rxvt config is .Xresources right ?

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Yes that’s right. Don’t forget to run xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources once you have saved your changes.

Do a search along the lines of “vim colors wrong rxvt-unicode”.

As I recall, there are a couple lines you need to add (or comment out) in the .vimrc for rxvt-unicode to show the correct colors. I don’t recall if the change will then mess of vim in other terminals.

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Guys thanks for the help. Seems that the problem was with .vimrc commenting this does the work “set termguicolors” . Next step understand how to copy and paste with rxvt .

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Good work.

Copy and paste is ctrl+insert for copy and shift+insert for paste.