RXVT problems

I don t want to bust your bubble, the user(s) must have at least some Linux knowledge in order to use ArchLabs , You re starting to learn Linux so you have lots of stuff to learn, I even learn everyday after around 12 years running Linux.

Please have a look at the first paragraph of this link @kronikpillow :


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Well , tell me in what terms my post was negative, if so, after 6 months you re intermediate , pretty good because Arch is hard enough to learn by the way I must say.

By the way, I haven t seen where you ve written that you had 6 months experience on Linux.

Also , it might be you that take it bad too quickly , mind you that I ask you why s that you want this terminal so bad.

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@kronikpillow what help are you waiting for? Whether you realize it or not, many of the individuals on this forum tries to help when they can. But please realize that many of us are busy with family and work.

Cool, lets wrap this up. It’s already gone too far.

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