Running services

While learning more about services (systemctl stsatus), I am wondering if all the system related services would full under system.slice ā€“ At first glance I want to say yes but I have made mistakes by assume before :wink:

If the above is true, then the user.slice must be services that are called by the user and the section that falls under user.slice called session-(x) would be the services that are currently running with the user logged in?

Just wanted to double check that I was on the correct track.

Ah - yes. That seems to be the case. After playing around with systemctl at first then systemctl list-unit-files, that pretty much lets me know Iā€™m on the right track.

This sheds light on some questions that started to bubble up and now I can move along the track I was heading. I should have held off the question for a few more minutes - lol.

Have you tried systemd-cgtop? systemd-cgls is also neat, like tree on steroids :slight_smile:

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