Rules in dwm config.h may have capitalization typo

I was trouble-shooting why my AL dwm does not place firefox on tag 9 automatically as per the rules in config. h. After running xprop, and noting the WM_CLASS(STRING)" line, I realized that the rules apply to “Firefox” but the xprop string is “firefox.” After making the change to lower case F, rebuilding, it works fine. Just thought I should share for anyone who is also wondering this same thing. Thanks and have great day fellow AL’ers.

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Excellent find, I was noticing the same with dwm build but never really paid much attention to fix it.

Thank YOU for giving us all AL.

Thx for sharing, good find in there @vinay

Thank you Sir.

lol, no problem

It’s not just me, it’s Nate and Dima too :smiley: More them than me :smiley:

Thanks to all 3 of you! I don’t know who is Dima (is it the slav id?). Nate is really helpful. Guy worked out a patch for me after work (hey, when I was his age, the only thing I could do after work was drink beer). Hope to meet Dima also.

I am a fair bit older than Nate and this is still the case with me :smiley: :beer:

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Why would ArchLabs xprop return lower case “firefox”? My install is doing that as well, first time I’ve seen it lower case.

The default config.h and ArchWiki have it as “Firefox”.

I’ve also never actually noticed it before today. I have it installed but use Nightly instead, and the funny thing is that xprop returns Nightly with a capital N.

I am probably “a fair bit older” than you also :slight_smile:
No longer the case with me I’m afraid, since I am rather ill. Among other things, I have diabetes, and the beer immediately causes problems. I could stand things like whiskey etc. though, but I always loved beer. My favorite was Hefe. Maybe in next life again :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll drink for the two of us :smiley:
My uncle has type 2 diabetes and he drinks like a fish. He doesn’t care.

Many thanks Vinay, good tips.

I would really urge him not to do that. If the disease gets worse, quality of life drops a lot. Vision may go, you may have to amputate the limb ends etc. If he really likes alcohol would certainly urge him to move towards whiskey, vodka, rum etc.
You should drink for the 3 of us :slight_smile: (while you’re healthy)

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Thank you Sir. This forum is so good. I learn something all the time. Like just today I got my first “manual patch” working on dwm because Nateji did a patch for me after work and I felt like “he musta been tired, yet he did it for me, surely I can hack one”. I dare say AL is one hidden gem of a distro with a great community.

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@vinay, i cannot say one more thing :wink:
Yes great team, great forum, and nice distro.

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