RTL8192 wifi dongle driver has to be reinstalled with every kernel upgrade

Exactly as the title says, I have a wifi dongle on my pc and after every kernel upgrade it won’t work so I have to remove then reinstall that driver/aur package. How should I work around this?

Install the DKMS version of the driver.

For example: AUR (en) - 8192eu-dkms

See also Dynamic Kernel Module Support - ArchWiki


Had no idea it was that simple. Thanks!

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Well first try din’t work. Today I upgraded to 5.11 and as normal rtlcrap wasn’t working again. Tried to remove/reinstall but that wasn’t working, it looks like suddenly I was missing “pahole” from the system…so I went paru pahole then paru -S 8192eu-dkms, it works for now, wainting for the next kernel upgrade to see what happens next. damn rtl

I think you may have to use an AUR helper to keep the package updated.

I would recommend either aurutils (by Alad), aurpublish (by eschwartz) or baph (by Nate). I think the latter is already included in ArchLabs and the other two were written by Arch Linux Trusted Users. Don’t bother with any others, there’s a lot of tosh out there.

I’m using paru to install and update all my aur packages, it works great, never had a problem with it, I like baph as well. The 8192eu-dkms driver packages are marked as out of date but there’s nothing I can do about it.

It appears to be a -git package so just rebuilding it manually will automatically pull in the latest version.

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No need, it finally works…I blame it on baph to make it working :sunglasses: Thank you again @natemaia for all the work you did and still do for us!