Roll up / Roll Down windows or managing windows tips

Right clicking a window gives me the option to roll up a window. I found that useful a couple of times. Is there a keybinding for this already?

I’m quickly getting used to multiple desktops. With Apple’s animations and whatnot, I never got into it. I’m loving it, but there are times, especially as I’m learning AL, where I pop open a few windows and bounce between them. I do like using the Super + tab key, but are there better ways to get around when you have a single laptop screen?

Open to methods and ideas. Thanks.

EDIT: I played with obkey for an hour and couldn’t get it working which prompted me to post here. After writing this message, I went in looking to see if something else had a keyboard shortcut and saw my experiments were missing. So, I recreated a “Toggle Shade” > “Shade” keybinding and it worked. Huh.

That’s solved, but how do you folks navigate multiple windows on a laptop?

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You should have keybindings for NextWindow and PreviousWindow ( Openbox window actions )

Usually it’s ALT + Tab and ALT + Shift + Tab - I think that’s still default in ArchLabs.

If you’re running a panel with a taskbar, you can switch windows that way as well. ArchLabs comes with tint2 panel pre-installed, there should be an option for switching the default panel on the openbox menu. Don’t have access to my ArchLabs set up right now, so no details.

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