Roger Waters. I love you


I like Waters, but let’s face it when it come to Pink Floyd:

Pink Floyd IMO is sort of like Steely Dan, where it’s basically two people and a producer spending months on the minutiae of a raised fifth of a chord on the 13th track into a bridge that would be potentially mixed into the other 11 tracks of guitar that would get scratched later because it was Tuesday morning at Abbey, which is 7pm everywhere else in the world, but being that it’s booked at Abbey, well it’s like booking a Four Seasons just to get a blowjob and hey, just take her to the Abbey because there is better coke there anyway.

Pink Floyd is like Johnny Carson vs. Divorce Lawyers. The only band with more lawyers tossing IP litigation against each other is Metallica.

Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” is one of the most overrated double album collections ever. “The Dark Side of the Moon” is, well it’s a work of it’s own, but Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America”…


The song “Another Brick in the Wall” sucks. It fucking just does. Songs like that drove me to punk. Why? Well I’d smoke a joint to this:

Then listen to a song played over again and again like “Brick” that was the last time Pink Floyd did anything since The Clash made them irrelevant with “London Calling”.

The irony of Waters and “free speech” when no one can release anything due to intellectual and copyright laws, I mean, you need to pick better fukken heroes than Roger Waters lulz.

Its not about picking heroes, its about people like Roger speaking about the insidiousness of companies such as Facebook.

Either way, I have been a Floyd Fanboi since before puberty. I fucking love the dude and the band.

100% disagree, but music speaks to us all in different ways.

One would think 1 minute of resarching Roger Waters would tell them not to even ask :slight_smile: Pink floyd is amazing, and Roger Waters dosent give a fu** when he tells them what he thinks about it :slight_smile: