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Hi !!

Yes it’s a perfect day for having small glitches!

MBP 8,1 (2011-2012) newly installed Archlabs system (5 days ago) with Openbox, Fluxbox and I3-gaps.

Earlier on I have been very fond of obmenu-generator but now I am trying to learn how to use I3 (gaps) and have come to the conclusion that Rofi is a fantastic tool/app… etc.
I am just starting to get to know Rofi and I noticed that I can’t use “scandivavian” characters in Rofi. Is that possible to fix?
MAN says that Rofi supports international keyboards but I haven’t found how to make it possible!
On Arch-wiki there was a suggestion to install rxvt-unicode and logout-login but that didnt do anything.
On Arch-wiki there was also som members talking about pros and cons with .conf-file or no .conf-file.
Rofi seems to be a multi-use app and complicated but I sometimes refuse to accept my amatheur status!

Anybody with a hint?


What’s the key mapping in your system now?

The command-key.


This may help…

Hi I thank you for hints!!

I have been active at trying to configure keyboard from arch-wiki.
localectl seems to be the most efficient way. Messed up a few times but managed to get where I was from the beginning! Still no swedish characters in Rofi.
I think the problem is in Rofi itself. It’s set in us-eng. Can it be changed?


So you can type Swedish in other windows but rofi?

@womp I’m not certain I have the answer. But here’s where you should research rofi tweaks and settings:

Yes that’s right.
I do not understand Rofi at all! MAN says it’s utf-8 compatible. Doesn’t that say that it should be set from system?
I have read for hours (manuals gits hints you name it) but howhere a mention about how/where to set language!


I have read that a few times now and I do not get any wiser!
It doesn’t say anything about language more than that is utf-8 supported and I thought that It meant that it wold take the language from system. It’s actually the only app that doesn’t on my system! (Probably why I am lost!)


OK, let’s try this,

$setxkbmap -layout us,se 
$setxkbmap -option 'grp:alt_shift_toggle'
$rofi -modi drun -show drun

Use alt+shift to switch between English and Swedish in Rofi.

That worked!

Thank you so much!!

(will have to localectl this to make it stick right?)


I would put it in a script, something like ~/.local/bin/myrofi.

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Ok and then be able to run it from Rofi?


Very nice of you!!

Thank you very much!!

Rofi seems to be a very important piece of software and understanding the man-page is essential!


You run “myrofi” instead of “rofi” in this case. You certainly can make the changes in user or system level settings. I am just not sure if that key binding conflicts with other settings.

Better safe then.



Been testing the script a while now (on 2 laptops) and it’s working great!!

I am very thankful for this!!


Cool. Can you change this thread to “solved” and open another thread for the suspend/resume problem?

It’s done.
I’m sorry for my “messyness” I will open a MBP-thread!


No worries, my friend.

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