Rofi shortcuts problem

Hello, I’m glad to try ArchLabs on Virtualbox. I get a working bspmw WM by using the installer. Thanks to the Archlabs devs for this great work !

When I press the super key alone Rofi pops up. As a side, minor problem, this unexpected instance of Rofi doesn’t get my AZERTY keyboard configuration, the regular Rofi, launched with super + space is OK.

I searched for a Rofi config file in .config directory and I listed all the Rofi files using “pacman -Ql rofi” without success. The bspwm config file, beautifully and meaningfully, named “sxhkdrc” doesn’t contain “super” shortcut alone.
I plan to simply remove Rofi and use jgmenu only, but I want to make sure this shortcut mess will not bites my back with other thing. Thank you in advance.

There is an entry for ksuperkey in your ~/.xprofile that binds the super key only keystroke to rofi.

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Welcome to the forum. Enjoy the distro.

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My .xprofile has this two entries about super key.

ksuperkey -e ‘Super_L=Alt_L |F1’ &
ksuperkey -e ‘Super_R=Alt_L |F1’ &

I don’t know if it is related to Rofi.

“ALT + F1” is mapped to launch rofi in sxhkdrc.

 # program launcher
alt + F1
    rofi_run -r
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ksuperkey allows mapping a single keystroke to send a key sequence, in this case it sends Alt + F1 and as chroot mentioned is bound to rofi_run -r, If you want to keep the super key functionality just change the bind for your environment.

If all you need is to set the keyboard layout for rofi correctly I believe this should work (add it to ~/.xprofile)

setxkbmap <CODE>

Available language codes on my system are

af        cm               fr               jp                    macintosh_vndr/dk     mv                se                   sun_vndr/es       sun_vndr/us
al        cn               fujitsu_vndr/jp  jv                    macintosh_vndr/fi     my                sgi_vndr/jp          sun_vndr/fi       sy
altwin    compose          fujitsu_vndr/us  ke                    macintosh_vndr/fr     nbsp              sharp_vndr/sl-c3x00  sun_vndr/fr       terminate
am        ctrl             gb               keypad                macintosh_vndr/gb     nec_vndr/jp       sharp_vndr/ws003sh   sun_vndr/gb       tg
apl       cz               ge               kg                    macintosh_vndr/is     ng                sharp_vndr/ws007sh   sun_vndr/gr       th
ara       de               gh               kh                    macintosh_vndr/it     nl                sharp_vndr/ws011sh   sun_vndr/it       tj
at        digital_vndr/lk  gn               kpdl                  macintosh_vndr/jp     no                sharp_vndr/ws020sh   sun_vndr/jp       tm
au        digital_vndr/pc  gr               kr                    macintosh_vndr/latam  nokia_vndr/rx-44  shift                sun_vndr/kr       tr
az        digital_vndr/us  group            kz                    macintosh_vndr/nl     nokia_vndr/rx-51  si                   sun_vndr/lt       trans
ba        digital_vndr/vt  hp_vndr/us       la                    macintosh_vndr/no     nokia_vndr/su-8w  sk                   sun_vndr/lv       tw
bd        dk               hr               latam                 macintosh_vndr/pt     np                sn                   sun_vndr/nl       typo
be        dz               hu               latin                 macintosh_vndr/se     olpc              sony_vndr/us         sun_vndr/no       tz
bg        ee               id               level2                macintosh_vndr/us     parens            srvr_ctrl            sun_vndr/pl       ua
br        eg               ie               level3                 pc                sun_vndr/ara         sun_vndr/pt       us
brai      empty            il               level5                mao                   ph                sun_vndr/be          sun_vndr/ro       uz
bt        epo              in               lk                    md                    pk                sun_vndr/br          sun_vndr/ru       vn
bw        es               inet             lt                    me                    pl                sun_vndr/ca          sun_vndr/se       xfree68_vndr/amiga
by        et               iq               lv                    mk                    pt                sun_vndr/ch          sun_vndr/sk       xfree68_vndr/ataritt
ca        eu               ir               ma                    ml                    ro                sun_vndr/cz          sun_vndr/solaris  za
capslock  eurosign         is               macintosh_vndr/apple  mm                    rs                sun_vndr/de          sun_vndr/tr
cd        fi               it               macintosh_vndr/ch     mn                    ru                sun_vndr/dk          sun_vndr/tw
ch        fo               jolla_vndr/sbj   macintosh_vndr/de     mt                    rupeesign         sun_vndr/ee          sun_vndr/ua

There’s a better list with more info here List of all setxkbmap configuration options (including models/layout/etc) · GitHub

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Ok according to your answers I replaced rofi_run by jgmenu_run in the sxhkdrc and its better now.