Rofi question

Since a few days I have been very interested in Rofi.
There are things I don’t understand (hopefully I will later…)
One thing is the script I found in ~/.local/rofi_run
How does that fit together with /usr/bin/rofi ?

Is this a totally different Rofi? GitHub - adi1090x/rofi: A large collection of Rofi based custom Menu, Applets, Launchers & Powermenus.
With applets etc.
Can I combine that with what I have or do I break things if I do?

/** Basic config file **/

configuration {
/*  modi: "window,run,ssh,keys,combi,calc";*/
/*	width: 50;*/
/*	lines: 15;*/
/*	columns: 1;*/
/*	font: "hack 10";*/
/*	terminal: "rofi-sensible-terminal";*/
/*	ssh-client: "ssh";*/
/*	ssh-command: "{terminal} -e {ssh-client} {host} [-p {port}]";*/
/*	run-command: "{cmd}";*/
/*	run-list-command: "";*/
/*	run-shell-command: "{terminal} -e {cmd}";*/
/*      show-icons:         true;*/
/*      icon-theme:         "Pop";*/
@import "/usr/share/rofi/themes/archlabs-shadow.rasi"

I want to show icons but I can only make icons show from command line and only once.


@womp Have you studied any of these helpful websites?

  1. Home · davatorium/rofi Wiki · GitHub
  2. Rofi - ArchWiki
  3. Linux launcher: ROFI. Rofi is a full features Linux textual… | by Rphl-Mstl | Tech notes and Geek stuff | Medium

Hopefully they will provide you with the basics. Because rofi is a child of dmenu, you may wish to read up on dmenu as well.

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I will start with dmenu!!
Thank you for wise advice!!


@womp I use rofi and find it most helpful. I’m happy to share my templates with you when you are ready. I am even happy to discuss things via SKype if that would help. Just let me know.

.Xresources has some rofi config info too.

/usr/bin/rofi is the binary.
~/.local/bin/rofi_run is a script @natemaia wrote that calls rofi and creates different menus. For example:

rofi_run -l

brings up a menu to logout and a couple other options. The various options for rofi_run can be used in key bindings, jgmenu etc …

the rofi_run script is pretty well annotated; just read through it and you can an idea of the various ways to use rofi.


That would be great! How about the week end?


My busy covid schedule allows great flexibilty. I am in Mountain time (so I think I’m probably 9 hours behind you). We are in summer time. My skype user name is ‘rabideau’. Here’s my email: contact me via email and we can set things up.

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@SqdnGunny: Yes that I saw! I did delete that because Arch-wiki said it’s old.

@PackRat: I just glanced at it but I will look into rofi_run! I see Rofi as quite powerful! Like one “center piece” of a system!

Thank you guys!!


I will get in touch!!


The man page for rofi is really good. There are some commands to generate a basic rofi configuration.

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I am beginning to understand a bit!
Have made a couple of key-binding in rc.xml from rofi_run script. Works!
(just scratched the surface)


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When you want to see rofi commands/ scripts/ etc. Simply ask. I’m pretty certain folks here are happy to provide materials for you to play around with. tweak, etc. As @PackRat noted, the rofi site and man page are good. Rofi builds from dmenu and adds functionality. Be certain you figure out how-to use rofi-theme-selector and things should progress quite nicely. Good luck @womp

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@manyroads: Yes you are right! I have been fiddling since early morning and have managed to bind different modis to keys. Found a nice theme in “archlabs shadow”. You might say that I have gotten started!
I will probably have more questions but at none at the moment.

Thanks so much!!