Rofi output in location 1

Hey all -

Bare with me here as I try to explain -

Don’t get me wrong, I like the what rofi does by default for drun however, I would really prefer to have it in location 1 (upper left corner) opposed to location 0 (center screen), and overlapping the top bar about 70% of the way across, and have it all displayed on one line.

So here’s what I have thus far:

bindsym $mod+d exec --no-startup-id rofi -show run -modi run -location 1 -width 60 -lines 1 -line-margin 0 -line-padding 0 -separator-style none$

It works for the most part, but I cant seem to get the results on the same line that run: is on.
It DOES drop it to the line below - and by design in the syntax I used, that would be correct.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to put the run: and listing on the same line? If I recall, I think is was that way when I first went with Arch and I know its that way in Manjaro.
Something is telling me though, that I’m just chasing my tail and creating more work than what it is worth, lol

Thanks all for any input.

Welp - while I would have preferred to use rofi, I did install dmenu for poops & giggles and of course, it does what I wanted it to do. Hmmm.

could you make your own rasi theme for Rofi with this positioning?

Honestly? I don’t know. Just figuring out all the nuances and seeing what I can and can’t do.

What I did for my fist custom Rofi using the rasi themes was to edit one already made. I’m not even sure what you want to do is possible with Rofi.

I did something similar with dmenu.

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I think you may be right on that call. But it is something I will at least tinker with and as it sits currently, its at least close

Worth playing around with for sure. I’m weird, when I use Rofi I like to be fullscreen. With dmenu I like a little square box off to the left.

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You just run rofi-theme-selector, pick the dmenu theme and you should be good, make sure you comment out the settings in your ~/.Xresources regarding rofi.

In all honesty just use dmenu if you prefer the top single row style launcher.

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That is awesome, thank you!
rofi -show run -theme dmenu did the trick

What @natemaia said.