Rofi Menus

Check this out. I am using the i3keybindsmenu because I have a really hard time remembering all my keybinds

I had to tidy up my i3 config for the menu to look right but it was a job I have put off for far too long anyway.


I have one of those to generate the help menu…

Here’s the script, if you want it:


awk -F',' '{print $1 "\t" $2}'  ~/.config/kitty/kitty-help.csv | column -t -s $'\t' | rofi -dmenu -i -no-show-icons -width 480 -location 2
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Thanks for that, I’m guessing this relates to Kitty? Cool idea.

I think you can use it with other terms… I converted my stuff to html and took another approach with zenity.