Rofi... making it fly faster

As many of you know, Rofi is a powerful dmenu ‘replacement’ menu. It ‘supposedly’ runs faster by some 25% if used with j4-dmenu rather than plain dmenu. I have not measured the speed, but I can say it is blistering fast on my machines. If you have not used it either way, here are some examples. Simply mate these with your preferred keybindings and place them in an autostart. These will work with any Desktop Environment or Window Manager.

Rofi showing all active applications: with & without j4-dmenu

without j4-dmenu==> rofi -modi window -show window -show-icons -sidebar-mode
with j4-dmenu==> j4-dmenu-desktop --dmenu=‘rofi -modi window -show window -show-icons -sidebar-mode’

Compound rofi fully searchable menu: with & without j4-dmenu

without j4-dmenu==> rofi -modi drun,window,run -show drun -show-icons -sidebar-mode -location 0 -width 360
with j4-dmenu==> j4-dmenu-desktop --dmenu=‘rofi -modi drun,window,run -show drun -show-icons -sidebar-mode -location 0 -width 360’


Nice tuto again sir. Thx for sharing.

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