Rofi - How to change icon theme?

Hi girls, guys and or whatever! I have a “problem”. I want to change the icon theme in rofi., but i dont know how. I search here in the forum and google me to death and i found nothing.(or Im blind…) Please, can someone help and tell me how to do that? Thank you all

Wonder if you had a look at that page there if it can be of any help: if so forget it.

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Hi @subjunkie, I think is:
rofi -show drun -show-icons -drun-icon-theme MY_ICON_THEME
Sorry cannot check as I am at work

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Thank you people. Strange thing is, I changed the icon name in “.gtkrc-2.0” and “settings.ini” in “gtk-3.0” manually and than the icons changed in rofi too. I wonder, `cause rofi isnt based on gtk. I think.
Btw…My problem is solved. :joy:


For future reference, check in ~/bin/

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Weird thing, link doesn t work anymore.

Guess that we have to look @ this link from now on: