Rofi-greenclip newer than AUR

Hi there,

when trying to update via yay, I am told:
-> rofi-greenclip: local (1:3.2-0) is newer than AUR (3.2-2)
When searching for repositories (yay rofi-greenclip) it only shows AUR:

ā””> % yay rofi-greenclip                                         23:06:27
1 aur/rofi-greenclip 3.2-2 (+15 1.37%) (Installed: 1:3.2-0)
    Clipboard manager to use with rofi - Image support and blacklist
==> Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3 or ^4)

I think I may installed that manually, but if so through yay. Is this what would happen if I install something from git repositories?

Looks like the maintainer added an epoch instead of just bumping the $pkgrel:

The epoch was removed for the current version[1] but because you updated with the epoch in place the new version looks older to the package manager.

Just remove the installed package and then re-install with the new version.


Thank you very much!