Rofi Greenclip + DWM

I’m replacing dmenu with Rofi and I use a clipboard helper called Greenclip which ties in with Rofi.

Problem is I have no ideal of how to add it as a command in dwm. This is how you would call it in say i3:

rofi -modi "clipboard:greenclip print" -show clipboard -run-command '{cmd}'

Any ideas how this would translate to dwm?

Solved it with the SHCMD option and a couple of \

{ MODKEY|ShiftMask, XK_c, spawn, SHCMD("rofi -modi \"clipboard:greenclip print\" -show clipboard -run-command '{cmd}'") },

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It didn t took long before you figure it out @Dobbie03 !

A good thing, might help other people !

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Yer a brave, brave man to be running DWM, lol. Too much for me.

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lol, same thing here lol.

I’m thinking the same but I am sticking with it.