Rofi doesn't show some apps in I3


Just installed ArchLabs I3, seems that Rofi in I3 doesn’t show some applications that are installed on the system, I installed ST terminal, it doesn’t show, also, of all the XFCE components, only the XFCE Power Manager is showing, I am assuming this is a bug, but it might be intentional, I used ArchLabs BSPWM and I know that there, it shows all the installed XFCE components …


Rofi normally finds st as “simple terminal”. I’ve been having this issue with Rofi for a while as well. it’s one of the main reasons I have ditched it completely and just stuck with good old dmenu.


wait, what i mean is when i press the super key, it says it’s drun, but i assume it’s Rofi as i have rofi installed … what i mean is, on the default menu of ArchLabs i do not have xfce settings, appereance, display, basically any XFCE package that is installed except power manager, it doesnt show, and with Simple Terminal as well

but this problem doesn’t exist on the Openbox version and BSPWM version, just i3


dmneu and rofi work together as one :smiley: You will have Rofi calling dmenu with drun. Check your i3 config for confirmation, take a look at the command.


yeah ok i get that :slight_smile: I’m just trying to figgure out ArchLabs, i really like the theming, but seems every WM i install has it’s own kinks and little bugs, so … why does BSPWM show everything with drun/rofi and I3 doesn’t? and solution to this?

BTW: Newbie to tiling managers here, been using ■■■■ for a while, but moved to ArchLabs because its pure minimal system, LOL, seems that Erik and the team here didn’t depart on good terms considering the word ■■■■ is censored :smiley:

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@kronikpillow With st I remember you had to create a desktop entry to show it on rofi

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LOL. Yeah … that’s a story for another day.


That I cannot answer. Everything is basically setup the same across the different WM’s. Rofi is our launcher of choice and with the exception of dwm it is used everywhere.

Sorry I can’t answer your question


Hm… I’ll try making the desktop entry, and report what happened … seems the XFCE apps also do not have a desktop entry in the /usr/share/applications … Now i need to reinstall BSPWM to see if it does :smiley: Damn :smiley: My 10th reinstall this week :smiley:

well… something is obviously not the same


Hopefully not ArchLabs related issues that are making you reinstall?


em… yes, kinda, its my learning experience mate, I try out stuff, note down what i like, break stuff, then reinstall :smiley: and then i do it all over again :DD

2nd noticable difference between I3 Openbox and BSPWM is that BSPWM doesn’t have scrot installed, or a keybinding for it :slight_smile:


None of the team use BSPWM so it was pretty easy for us to miss :slight_smile: . Will make sure it is included in the next one.


see my reinstalling pays off :smiley: becuase i get to compare things, this is why i do not install multiple WM’s/desktops on the same system, if i did, everything would be included, and those little kinks that i’m talking about wouldn’t be noticed :slight_smile:

BSPWM is awesome, i like it way better then I3, when its configured properly, it’s way better, at leats thats my oppinion :slight_smile:

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I used BSPWM for a couple of weeks to see what it was like, then I switched to i3 to compare. I’m still on i3 18 months later :smiley:
Glad you are here, enjoying ArchLabs.


maybe i just didn’t get in to configuring i3 to my personal taste yet :slight_smile: i guess i need to live in a WM for more then a few days to really be able to decide which one is better for me :smiley: anyways, we are going way off topic :slight_smile: don’t want to spam your forum and break some rules that i didn’t read :smiley: I need to figgure out this missing apps stuff :slight_smile: will report back if i figgure it out … just one question, do the XFCE settings apps show in your drun/rofi? and if they do, do you have only i3 installed or multiple WMs?


No for some reason about 12 months ago they no longer wanted to show for me in Rofi. I had to use dmenu, hence the change. I never bothered to look into it to be honest.


I just have i3 installed, nothing else.


I’m kinda bothered about bugs (hence the reinstalls and experimentation) … perfectionist :smiley:

so, after reinstalling xfce-settings, icons are created in /usr/share/applications now, but still don’t show in rofi … moving on to the next option, reinstall rofi :smiley:


:slight_smile: Hope you find a solution. Mine was the lazy way, uninstall Rofi and just use dmenu.


but then your not holding to ArchLabs menu of choice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :)) i mean this should really be figgured out, after all, new users like me, who come to your distro, and end up missing the basic settings panel, are gonna be like, WTF? :smiley: and I’m not a pro to solve things on my own yet :smiley: just a curious perfectionist :smiley:


It’s because my install is so old. Almost two years. This is my main machine and it’s ultra customised from the original AL install it’s actually impossible to tell.

All my laptops etc work as expected. I’ll get me laptop charged up and let you know what I find :smiley:

P.S. you’re the first one to my knowledge to have this issue that we are discussing other than myself too :smiley:
Otherwise I would have taken it further :smiley: