I’ve been using {Arch,Bunsen}Labs for over a year, but never bothered with the ‘introductions’ threads, so figure it’s about time.

I cut my teeth on C, Pascal and assembler in the early 90s. In the second half of the same decade, I was introduced to shell on ‘real’ Unix machines and also installed my first Linux distro - Mandrake :slight_smile:

I did an Engineering degree and spent many years simply using computers to write documents and to solve problems. For hardware and software compatibility reasons, I stuck Win 95/98/XP for a long time. If I needed to write code to solve a problem, I would invariable stick to C or shell under Cygwin or resort to Excel VBA.

In 2006 I got so fed up with XP that I installed “Linux From Scratch” on my laptop, followed shortly by Ubuntu on our family computer. When Ubuntu dropped GNOME 2 for Unity, I looked around for something simpler and settled for Arch.

I was quite happy with a tiling manager and dmenu myself, but found that openbox+tint2 made for a much more family friendly box. However, I always felt that a traditional start menu was missing, and in 2014 I wrote jgmenu to “complete” (as I preceived it) the openbox+tint2 setup. In the beginning, I never had icons and xdg compliance in mind, but met o9000 in 2016 and it expanded from there.

I intend to keep going with jgmenu, as and when I can free up time to focus on it. Most of my development thoughts are in the TODO file. I simply have two rules for it:

  • Friendship, ideas and code are valued in said order
  • There are no deadlines

I work in big engineering company and count myself lucky to really enjoy my day job. I find that operating at a fast corporate pace is nicely complimented by a slow C project.

I live in England and spend most of my spare time with my family. I like my coffee black, but am not a metal person - sorry :-). I enjoy music though and am a pretty active guitarist.


Welcome here man !! I’m also guitarist ( jazz and blues ) without music world is grey

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Hello again malm, nice to finally learn some more about the mysterious figure behind everybody’s favourite stand-alone menu system.

I like your rules :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the work done for the community of ArchLabs and not, I love music 50-60-70-80 years, the rest not to consider music.
Ps) is just my thought
Best regards

Welcome friend! :+1:

Hello, nice to know about you.

Maybe this will be my next tattoo, somewhere my boss can read it…

Outstanding! nice to know persons writing the code for tools I use…thanks for the effort!

hey ho :slight_smile:

not much of a commenter, but here goes a “Hi, welcome”

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Great to hear from you all. It makes coding much more worth while if someone uses it :smiley:
It made my day when @Dobbie03 and @nate added jgmenu to the default polybar setup.

^Same here. I read the ArchLabs forum posts most days. Will try to make an effor to respond occasionally

@Head_on_a_Stick Great to hear from you. Other than o9000, I think you might have been the first one who compiled and ran jgmenu - on Alpine Linux I seem to remember.


@malm, we know good software when we see it :slight_smile: