River Window Manager

Finally first release of river appeared.
With small blog post from the author - Introducing River, a Dynamic Tiling Wayland Compositor

Quoting features part from the post:

The core guiding principle in river’s design is that its behavior should be predictable. This means keeping things as simple as possible, reducing implicit state the user must keep in their head while using river.

River’s window management is based on a linear stack of windows much like dwm. These windows are arranged by a separate program called a layout generator. Users are encouraged to write and share their own layout generators, they are simply Wayland clients which implement a custom river-layout-v3 protocol. You can find links to several nice ones on this wiki page. River also ships with a layout generator, rivertile, that provides a few simple layouts for those who don’t need anything custom or fancy.

Instead of traditional workspaces, river supports tags. Each window may be assigned one or more tags and multiple tags may be displayed at once. Again, this behavior is strongly influenced by dwm.

All configuration and control of river happens at runtime through the riverctl tool. It can be used to create keybindings, move focus between windows, set the border color, etc. River doesn’t have any traditional configuration file, instead it runs an arbitrary executable on startup which is generally a shell script invoking riverctl to setup the user’s desired configuration.

Screenshot of river setup with stacktile as layout generator and yambar.


Thx for sharing @dimaom . Wasn t aware of that one.

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Interesting, very similar to dwm.

River looks very nice indeed.

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pity about the zig dependency

riverctl gives this compositor a great advantage over dwl, and I’d really like to start using it one day. However, switching outputs manually drives me mad. I think I won’t start working on the RiverTags module, until I see a better reaction to my issue than just :+1: and :mega:.

[edit] If I knew a command to focus outputs by name (not just focus-output right | left | next | previous), I’d write a script to workaround the issue temporarily.

Having a lot of fun with wayland & sway like what I see so far… :grin:

Nice and detailed review of river/wayland space - Setting Up River 0.1.0


Nice article. Very in depth. One day I will try River just not today. Seems like a heap of work to get it set up.

Worth of a bookmark, thanks!

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As soon as this PR is merged (which I did locally), the most annoying issue will be possible to workaround with a script. I’ve just written one in python, and it works decently. See GitHub - nwg-piotr/river_output_switcher: automated output switcher for river Wayland compositor.

I’m really tempted to check out river.

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As a dwm user, you’ll feel at home.

One day I will fond out. Today my patience has been tested to its limit so I will wait until I am in a better mood.


Who tests my patience most are sway developers. :cowboy_hat_face:

LOL I am trying to get wm’s to function as I want them to. Other than i3 I am failing. If it’s not polybar playing up then it is Sublime Text, then Firefox chooses not to behave.

Plasma is looking more and more appealing every day.

I should clarify, I want them to function as I want with dual monitors.

Couldn’t stand Plasma for more than ten minutes last time. I used to be comfortable with sway 1.5, which works great on my Chromebook, but what they did later, is a disaster. So I’m playing with other WMs, even if half-baked.

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Yeah I et annoyed at it, Plasma is nice but its a DE and I am fully in the mode of a wm.

All I want is windows to open on the workspaces I specify and Polybar displays the information I ask it to properly.

Frustrated is a feeling I am feeling at full strength right now.

Don’t get frustrated. Get dk or dwm and get cracking’.

You can always use Windows 10 ( joking ) OK you can ban me for 24 hours now…

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