Richard Stillman resigns…

What are yall’s thinking on this? I think that this is a good thing because of his strange ideas as well as how he represents the Linux community when he speaks. How can anyone excuse Epstein’s behavior so casually, especially speaking out on the FSF forum?


Wow, that s some news in there @sevenday4

Wasn t aware of it at all. Sad.

Someone knows the reason for his resignation?

Wonder if it has anything to do with this @ector ; wasn t aware by the way;

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He’s always been very controversial person, and not at all very good public speaker. His work is of course extremely important, but other than that he’s more or less harmful for FOSS and Linux, so…

Here’s something about it:

EDIT: The Stallman case doesn’t bother me personally, but i do understand that he as a public figure is not good for the community. It kind of sucks but that’s the way it is.


Yep @eesau . Guess that Stallman should ve sticked to Linux/privacy/security & have his mouth shut concerning other stuff, specially when a public figure of some sort.

Thx for sharing the link in there @eesau

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I love how everybody all of a sudden has an issue with his behaviour, he’s always been like that and it wasn’t a problem before lol.


I never much followed him besides linux stuff. So wasn t aware of such things.

So I stick with my comment above…lol

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Umm, actually that’s not quite correct. There’s been times he skated with being forced to resign. But, this time I think he went too far. And yes, he’s always been an odd duck.

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What Nate said.

We are in an age of preciousness.


Yep , & tides can turn around real quick.