Retro Games of the 80's and 90's


Thought this might be a cool topic to chinwag on.

What was your favorites and not so favourite arcade,console, pc, pin ball whatever game from this era.

Who remembers playing this asshole of a game for free with the sega master system? From memory it was included in the console itself and you didnt need a cartridge.

I remember playing Rastan Saga at the local squash courts / pool hall where i grew up, it had a little room with a dozen arcade cabinets. Those were the days…fond memories.


I’ve got an enormous collection of Atari 800/65/130 XL/XE titles. Just let me know if you miss something of them. :smile:


@s7l great topic! Even if I wasn’t born yet :baby:, I only plaied some Pac Man, Tetris and Space Invaders…and I suck at all of them…


lol, reminds me of some older times ! Wasn t much of a gamer then but.

One we were playing my brother & I was one of the 1st tennis games, don t remember what it was.

Gee, was so slow. lol


A few games that I played:

Bomb jack
Wonder boy

Then I became obsessed with pinball. I used to go down to an American themed diner down the road from work in Wellington, where I dominated Adam’s family pinball and ate nachos and pizza.


You must be a ZX Spectrum guy! :smiley:




It was the first computer I put my hands on, but never owned. Started from Atari 65XE.


I have to mention Tempest,

Spent many hours playing that 'lil demon.


Yeah that was cool.

Now that my memory’s jogged, I also played that and centipede and who could forget asteroids- man I sucked at that


We had an Amiga 500 when I was a kid, the stand-out games for me were Dungeon Master (and the extraordinarily hard sequel Chaos Strikes Back) and Deuteros.

I actually still play Dungeon Master & CSB now with FS-UAE, they are still awesome after all these years :sunglasses:


If you have a black tiger (dragon in Japan) arcade machine in cabinet let me know your price :wink:

I used to play this game on arcade machine as well back in the day, came out in 87 but i think i was playing it about 3 to 5 years later. One of the toughest games to play back then.


Seems it was only ported on Atari ST (if it comes to Atari). I can emulate it, but have no floppy images. :frowning:

Feel free to choose from 14 other games, which name starts from"Black":



In an SD I’ve a batoceraLinux with games from the Nintendo and the SNES. With my nephews I play Mario Bros, Fifa 97, Star Wars and Final Fight.


I used to muck around with mame roms years ago, could probably get something working along those lines. Thanks for the offer though.
What i would like to do is something with a raspberry pi oneday, like those mini arcade machines you see on youtube.


There was a platform game I liked most. Half of the dorm would come to my room to play. I can not remember the title. :frowning: Need to review my entire collection one day.


This is a pretty obscure game from back in the day, think i spent more than i should trying to beat it. Fighting Fantasy Hippodrome…


Deus Ex missed out by 6 months. However, it pre-dates 9/11. Al Qaeda got inspiration from a video game? Spooky.

Also, what was that game that came on 10 floppy disks on the Amiga? The point and click bladerunner-esque game?

F-19 Stealth Fighter on the Speccy. Only because I could go make a round of tea and toast while each mission loaded…


I played “F-15 Strike Eagle” on Atari. Liked it, if I remember well. :slight_smile:



Forgot about the racing games we used to play in arcades, the money we spent in there my friend & I.