[RESOLVED] Ryzen 2700X runs very hot

Yep, the da*n CPU runs veeeeery hot. It seems to be about 40-50 degrees of celsius on idle, but when i converted video with Handbrake and all 8 cores were in use, it got over 90 degrees.

Changed thermal paste today and put BIOS fan setting back to default (was in silent), didn’t help at all.

I’m sure i installed the CPU and the fan properly. Two pins of the CPU was bent though, but i managed to straighten them out ok. Well, who knows… It looked ok to my eye anyway. I think they got bent today after i changed the thermal paste. The CPU fan spins normally and the machine works as it should, but those temps…

New CPU? New better cooler? Now i have the one that came with the CPU.

I use the command


to check temperatures.


90 C would be about right if under intense load.

40 - 50 C is ok on idle.

What are the specs of your machine?

Oh, i thought over 90 degrees is bad. Sensors says that 70 is high.

My machine is custom build desktop with Asus Prime B450M-A board, 16GB DDR4, SSD drive , GeForce GTX-650 etc. in Cooler Master case. Nothing special, just pretty usual stuff.

Looks like you have lots of apps running on.

Not really. Plex, Dropbox and NordVPN are the biggest i think, they run in the background.

When i do something heavy, converting videos or something like that, i don’t run anything else that recources hungry stuff really.

EDIT: It can go to 70 degrees just by playing 4K video on browser i noticed the other day. Tried other browser as well, but it was the same.

Its probably not good to run the cpu at over 90 c for any length of time. Definitely try to get a better cooling option. What are you using now for cooling the cpu ?

It’s the default cooler, came with the CPU. I think it’s called Wraith.

Outside the Handbrake situation, i haven’t seen so high temps. When converting video, all cores were in use and the CPU load was almost 100%, so i guess that was an extreme situation and kind of explains the high temps…? Though i don’t think it’s ok, if it isn’t safe to convert videos with the pretty powerful machine you have. I don’t know…

So from googling a bit it seems the stock coolers are not the best, might be worth while getting something better.

What is the ambient temps in the room, are you in a hot climate or cool one?

Also what kernel are you using? I read the linux-zen kernels in archlinux are better suited to ryzen cpu’s.

Ok, found this: https://community.amd.com/thread/231180 So, looks like my machine might be just fine, it just got pretty bad cooler. Handbrake seems to load machines quite heavily, there were several examples in the net.

s71, i’m in Skandinavia, so not really in the hottest place on earth. :grinning: It’s 28 degrees inside at the moment though, it’s been very hot lately.

I guess i’ll get a better cooler. A bit bummer, but not very expensive fortunately. Noctua…?

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Oh, ok. I’ve the latest and greatest atm, but i’m going to try zen now. Hope it boots.

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dont forget to sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg after installing the kernel.

That is if you are using grub as the bootloader :wink:

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Yep @eesau , sometimes loads of stuff work in the background without us knowing it.

Edit: I would run HTOP to see what s running on your install.

Is that reading from tdie or package? Tdie is the one you wanna look for, it shouldn’t go over 70c for daily usage, under stress tests like prime95/mprime getting a bit above is ok.

If you have smt enabled and the bios is automatically applying amds turbo boost then it will run significantly hotter.

Have you tried undervolting? You can usually apply a 0.1v negative offset (1.1-1.2v total) and that’ll help temps a fair bit without losing performance but you’ll need to tweak it to find the lowest stable voltage, if it crashes reboot and bump it a bit.

You can also disable the turbo mode and that will drastically help but at a performance loss.

Basically when turbo is enabled the bios will automatically apply more voltage to the cpu in order to raise the clocks, problem is, with the stock cooler it’s right at the limit.

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Ouch, that doesn’t sound good.

I can’t get my Ryzen 5 2500u to go over 70°C, even with all 8 threads pinned and the CPU dissipating 30W.

Do you have amd-ucode installed?

I don’t think i have smt or turbo or anything like that enabled, unless they’re enabled by default.

Haven’t tried undervolting either, haven’t done anything really. Only changed the CPU fan setting to default. It was in silent mode.

It doesn’t get over 70 in every day tasks, apart from 4k videos (in browser) where it occasionally reaches just that. It’s the same with local 4k video.

Ok, just checked again. When converting video with Handbrake, tdie temp is about 85. Tctl is 95. I guess it was tctl reading that got me worried.


Yea due to the performance race between motherboard manufacturers many have opted to enable all the features they can, as well as maxing out PBO (precision boost overdrive, amd’s turbo boost).

You should be able to set a better fan curve, the default isn’t the most optimized, it tries to be quiet while not frying the cpu so its just enough.

What brand motherboard?

I only ask so I can give you an idea where to look, in mine (asus) it’s under the “AI Tweaker” tab, called “Precision Boost Overdrive”, within that setting you can enable/disable/change how much boost is allowed, less will lower temps but only to an extent.

If I was you I would find the bios section meant for changing the cpu settings and overclocking, then find the setting labeled “CPU Voltage” or “VDDCR CPU Voltage” change it to offset mode.

Next change the offset mode sign to negative (-).
Lastly type in the voltage offset under “VDDCR CPU Voltage”, try 0.08 as a starting point.

Yours may be labeled slightly different.

Once back in an OS you should run something stressful to make sure it’s stable. I run mine with a -0.875v offset and I can go as low as -0.11v but not every program is stable.

If you run into issues booting turn everything off, unplug the power supply, and remove and reinsert the motherboard battery in order to reset the bios.

Thanks, i’ll check those BIOS settings. I’m not very keen to set the CPU fan to spin harder though, because it’s pretty noisy for my taste. Might instead get a better cooler, maybe some Noctua model or something like that.

My motherboard is Asus Prime B450M-A.

Btw, someone asked about Htop. There wasn’t anything odd when temps were up. When using Handbrake there was about three thousand GHB processes running, everything else was normal stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, my machine didn’t boot with Zen kernel. Somebody suggested that.

I guess it’s a cooler thing, need a better one. Though i don’t convert videos often or do something else that heavy very much, but i think a better cooler is a fine investment anyway, and extends my CPUs life a bit. And it’s quieter. :sunglasses:

Well, i don’t think i need a new cooler after all. I tried Manual mode for CPU fan in the BIOS and that did the trick. I set the curve by hand (copied from some Reddit user) and it’s now quieter than the Silent mode. It doesn’t do them annoying sudden accelerations either it used to do all the time and that is in fact crucial for me. Temps are more or less at the same level.

So, case closed. :sunglasses:

EDIT: I mean, i ignored the temp thing, because they aren’t critical (i learned) by any means and concentrated on the noise thing which was bothering me also. That was the point with Manual mode.

Glad that you got it resolved @eesau !

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@eesau I just read this thread by coincidence and just wanted to share my experience as I have the same cpu. It is indeed a cooler related issue. I got high temperatures (~55deg C on idle and ~85deg C under load) with the stock cooler. Swapping out the stock amd cooler for a Cooler Master 212 Black and adding two or three case fans brought down the temperatures… Now I got ~35deg C on idle and 65deg C under load … and that is with the fan silent mode!


P.S. besides, the stock amd cooler is incredibly loud!

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