[Resolved] Mutt and imap folder sync oddness

Off the top - I am by no means an expert on setting up mutt -n- imap for Gmail.
I do have it working and syncing - and has been for a good spell now. The oddness I am experiencing is this:

When I delete mail within mutt, I end up seeing additional folders being created.
For example - The dir that is called Trash, has a Deleted Messages and a Sent Messages dir within.
I do have my dirs set correctly (I believe I do)

I have my set dirs set correctly with the addition of the following:
set spoolfile = “+Inbox”
set postponed = “+Drafts”
set record = “+Sent”
set trash = “+Trash”

In muttrc I do have the required hook:
folder-hook . ‘unset trash’

Any imap/mutt person out there, would be grateful for some guidance.

I think I found the issue. I am going to close this thread but update it if the resolution holds.

Anyone that can give a hand to our fella here !

Hope that it will be a permanent fix in there @Chris

Bingo! Found the issue.

So, in my .mbsyncrc file, I had:
Create Both

Where it should have been:
Create Slave

So, what does that mean - per the man page:
Automatically create missing mailboxes [on the Master/Slave]. Otherwise print an error message and skip that mailbox pair if a mailbox and the corresponding sync state does not exist. Default is None.

In my original config being sent to Both, any new folders created locally (slave) will get reproduced to the master and vice versa.

Now all is working with imap to a few mail servers and local. Will set this as resolved.

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Glad that you got it sorted out @Chris