[RESOLVED] Cron emails

Hey all

Recently moved from Manjaro to AL-i3. So far so good!
A quick question has come up - I took my crontab entries from Manjaro (saved to a file).
Installed and enabled cronie (assuming there wasn’t a pre installed cron of some sort).
Installed exim and changed the /etc/mail/aliases file to divert root to my normal login user.
The above worked in Manjaro and for the short spell I worked with Arch.

Under normal circumstances, I would of course get mails when the crons completed.
The crons appear to be working but emails are not being sent to either root (in case I screwed something up in the aliases) or to my desktop user.

Any insight would be helpful.


EDIT: Well I’ll be… When I created the files in /var/spool/mail - I did so as root but failed to change the group to mail for both my login ID and root.
Sure enough, that was a mistake on my part. All is good now.

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Glad that you fixed it yourself.

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