[Resolved - 1/2 way] Mutt/NeoMutt isync and offline mail

For a long spell now, I have been using Neomutt with isync to “fetch” mail from both my provider and Gmail. It’s been working perfectly up until the last 2 months or so.

Let me explain - when I launch neomutt, it does the typical fetching (depending on the assigned key) and the emails tally just fine. Then right when Neomutt is supposed to flip to the mail index, it simply shuts down. I can’t pin this down since it also happens on any of the 3 arch-based systems I have running.

If I opt to build a new system, it may work for a few ties but eventually one of the 2 profiles fails - then the other. The configs have not changed in months (I understand that there could be something that may not be quite compatible with the config files, but I tend to not think so - I could be mistaken tho).

I could even wipe out the local directories that get created for each profile (thinking there was some corruption within) and that does not help either. I know I could in a pinch, install an alternative mail client but that sorta defeats the reasoning to use a WM and I prefer console based apps anyways.

If anyone has experienced this, please let me know. This is driving me nuts!!!


Meh - I have it down to the way I’m kicking this off. I have a script that is running within polybar and when I get notified there is email (or if I opt to just launch a Neomutt session via polybar) that is when I see it term. Strangely enough, if I launch Neomutt just by keybindings, its; just fine.

So… At least I seem to be making some headway on this. Even if I opt not to do a deep dive to figure this out, at least I can still call up my mail. Sort of a 1/2 fix but at least for now, very workable.