Repod: A new Arch Linux project for repo management

N.B. I realize that this is technically about “Arch Linux” but the intent is for a more general project that includes Archlabs. This is the only method of contact to the ALL maintainers; I apologize if this is the wrong place to post such content.

I’m pleased to announce a new Arch Linux project named “repod”. This project contains tooling to maintain binary package repositories for Linux distributions using the Pacman package manager. Repod aims to reduce the current complexity/pain-points of Arch repository management while supporting robust/convenient management tooling.

Repod is still in pre-release state and as such has not yet reached its minimum feature set. However, we’d love your involvement; We hope to benefit all distributions using Pacman, not only Arch Linux.

Existing documentation and functionality may be viewed at readthedocs. A number of tickets feature tags of “good first issue” to ease the nascent contributor into the project.

If you’re interested, Join the arch-projects list for announcements, meeting minutes, and development discussion. Or stop by #archlinux-projects on Libera IRC. We’d love to see you there!


Interesting. Thanks for letting us know.

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Thanks for the share.