Repo Changes


So with the recent changes around github, we have decided to move our repositories.

For existing systems this means some manual intervention will be needed.

You will need to edit /etc/pacman.conf

Near the bottom you will find

Server =$arch
Server =$arch

You want it to be

Server =$arch
Server =$arch

Feel free to ask if you have any questions


Tried to reinstall AL, but


Thank @natemaia

SSL errors from repos


Thanks Smoke


Thx, appreciate the hard work here mate.

Edit: Just changed repo. All done now.


Thank you for your attention and corrections!


@natemaia excellent! Archlabs keeps rolling and rolling…


Buenas @natemaia , ya esta cambiado y sin problemas


Thanks Nate!

And a good move by the AL team!


+cog also not using Microsoft’s out of sync AL repo

Thanks king.


Kudos to you for what you’ve done. Installed the newest version and it works like a dream - and very smooth.

Had SwagArch - but wasn’t sure if they were using GitHub or not. I tried this OS previously, but it wasn’t easy using it. Now it’s very easy to use and fast! Hope to be around here for a while. I’ll try to contribute when I can; any bugs will be researched first before reporting.


That was an impressively quick response, well done! I’ve been doing updates since then and haven’t had any issues.

Perhaps you’ll avoid these kinds of problems?



Lol!!! :rofl::joy:


Thankfully we escaped the curse of Clippy.


I hate to point out what clippy resembles there…


I’m glad I’m not the only one.