Removing GNOME: UDISKS2 and USB devices

This is not particularly about update, but I could not find something more appropriate, hence posting here.

OK, so today I decided that I wanted to remove that ugly beast GNOME from my AL distro. Honestly, I did not even realize it came w/ AL, only saw it as an option in lightdm 3 days back. Since I never have any intention of using GNOME, I decided to remove it. I accomplished this using

NOw, after that, I noticed that my USB pen drives were no longer being seen by pcmanfm (not mounted, just seen) though they did show up in lsblk and lsusb. After some digging, I suspected this might be due to udisks2. In /var/log/pacman.log, I confirmed that indeed udisks2 was in AL till it was removed by my removal of gnome.

I have reinstalled udisks2. Now I am able to mount using udisksctl -b mount /dev/sdb1 etc.

Anyway, I was curious about this choice of udisks2 given this blog:

So I just checked, and endeavour OS does not have udisks2. I am not sure what they use.

Thought I should write these observations here in case they are of any use to anyone.

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