Removing Firefox Annoyances that they deem as "features"

If you find some new additions to Firefox 106 completely useless, such as the List All Tabs button, you can remove it by going in to about:config search for browser.tabs.tabmanager.enabled and set it to false.

A restart of FF is required. Goodbye annoying button no one asked for.


I think i deleted it with a right click and delete. Will check when i get home

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I tried that the other day by editing the toolbar, but it was back in place today when I started the PC.

Thanx for the tip @Dobbie03 .

Hate it when them big techy screw up our settings after almost every updates.

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Sometimes they add excellent new features, sometimes they add rubbish new features such as “List All Tabs” button and a completely useless “Firefox View” button.


Yep, but most of the time they change stuff it s useless to me or worst, annoying. ! lol


I actually find it quite handy
easier than going to history etc for recent pages viewed

I retract that - its rubbish - not enough pages from other devices
I think I can do that easier by syncing tabs?

I have no idea how I got rid of it
There was a remove from toolbar option on rightclick (leftclick for us freaks :grinning:)
I put it back via more tools> customise toolbar and stuck it out of the way at top right of tab bar
I have removed it

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But now I cant get the + new tab button back to the right of the tabs - It will only go either on the extreme left or right of the toolbar

Its a pain as I now naturally go to where it was but as its not there click close X for the right-most tab

Anyone managed to change that?

Sorry I don’t use any buttons on the FF toolbar at all.

Ctrl+t to open a new tab

I added the new-tab button and on my FF it sits to the right of the last tab,

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It is only on the far right as I am customizing the toolbar.
When I click ‘done’ it goes back to next to the tabs

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That unfortunately maybe the only choice, I’m sorry.

Personally, I find ctrl+t a much quicker option, but that’s just me. :smiley:


I meant that its all fine, its where it always was
ctrl+t is better tho!

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Very good!

The brain is a little fuzzy this morning, otherwise I would have picked that up :sleeping: .

Firefox, why do you persist in adding shit that no one asks for?

Firefox 109 brings a new extension button to the toolbar, if it irritates you as much as it does me, here is how you remove it.

  • about:config
  • enter extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled
  • toggle to false
  • restart Firefox

Once restarted you maybe presented with the overflow menu being full, just edit toolbar and drag and drop the extension shortcuts.


Spelling error in this line. :wink:


Blame the Shanky Whip and Panhead Stout combo…



A guy can only kick the can down the road for so long.


They’re mission is for a bigger slice of the cake.

Personally, I left Gorilla in the dust about a year ago and have never looked back. Of course, extensibility will always act to wrap it’s tenticles around us!

That is true, but what else is there to use?


I suppose the path of least resistance. :man_shrugging:

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No internet? That seems like the only choice. Especially with Manifest V3 coming to fruition very soon.