Remove Wifi Network Control

Hi, I am fairly new to ArchLabs, but I am really enjoying being able to quickly and easily deploy an arch linux/i3/zsh based system with sane configs without having to spend the time to do it manually. The one issue I am having is the wifi network control that comes with it hasn’t been very stable. The initial wifi network I setup on install works fine but as soon as I try to switch to a different network then all wifi network connections fail - even after a reboot the issue persists. I would like to be able to just manually manage my wifi network with wifi-menu and netctl. Is there a way to stop the installation of whatever network tools/configs come with a standard archlabs install? If not, can someone let me know what specific packages are installed for the wifi management and all where it may be referenced in which configs so that I can remove it. I am forced to remove it because it is interfering with me just using wifi-menu and netctl - they fail to connect once the issue starts happening.

Thanks for you assistance.

NetworkManager is the default for ArchLabs.

Disable the NetworkManager service and you’ll be able to set up your network with netctl.

Thanks it is now working beautifully. Just need to remove the dmenu/rofi thing now.