Remove systray and use taskbar for windows [solved]

Hi everyone, I would like to know if you have a way to remove the systray from the archlabs (lower left corner) and add it to the polybar? Or else remove that systray and use it in tint2. In tint2 I noticed that I can only run the systray icons in tint2, as long as tint2 starts first when booting. If you start AFTER the icons do not go to tint2. I would like to use polybar with a lower bar for the windows (tint2 or a second polybar with only the windows open), how? Thank you.

Yes you can. Remove the trayer entry from


Open your


Uncomment the following:

tray-position = center
tray-padding = 10
tray-background = ${colors.background}
tray-offset-x = 20%

tray-position options are left, right, center.

Killall trayer in terminal otherwise the tray won’t start.

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If you want an example I have my config which is the default just with sys tray added here…

Thank you very much!! You are a genius!! It had been a long time since I wanted to take the tray, now he went to polybar! Perfect! So I put a tint2 down with the windows!

How can I add windows in polybar?

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There is a bug, if you watcha full screen video or play a game full screen the tray stays on top for some reason, I haven’t found a fix yet.

How do I remove systray? Because I would like to use systray in tint2 only.

I got it! I commented on the systray line and systray went to tint2 !!!

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Systray in tint2.