Remote Work

Hey everyone,

Does anyone here work remotely? I’m considering looking for remote DevOps work instead of having to drive 1hr+ a day in traffic. I’m hoping I can plan my days a bit better and have some more freedom. Just wondering if anyone has had experience or tips around it!

Working from home is but a dream. I hope someone can help you.

It can be Matt but it also takes an extra measure of focus, not immediately obvious.

It’s good to see ya around @iDanoo :slight_smile:

I’ve recently semi retired from my occupation as a substance abuse counselor but now manage from home the active case workers, who remain in the office. I suppose the only advise I can offer you, would be remain aware the fine line between your income and that of your sanctuary (home, family & friends). I’ve found it takes more discipline to remain on task at home than it ever did at the office and I’ve forced myself to set aside the time required for task by removing all distractions while accomplishing that which must be done (tv off, home office door closed and music on low). If I had elected to work at home (in any capacity) when our children were still young, I would not have been able to.


Do you mean this @iDanoo ! If not remove post.

I agree. Now that I am working for a school, part of my work is done at home. It takes a lot of discipline to do this, especially if you’re married and have/had children in the home. It’s a lot more difficult at home because there’s more distractions, the kitchen, the yard, and so on. I’m not trying to discourage you @iDanoo, just pointing out what you will be facing.

Well, a DevOps engineer. :slight_smile:

That is exactly the kind of response I was looking for! Thank you.
I do have an isolated home office setup - have worked remotely at my current job for a day every few weeks and I find it a lot easier to concentrate. Not sure if it’s the sudden change in scenery or if I have what it takes.

I think I will definitely give it a go. My son is in school now - I was waiting for that before even considering it!

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Nice job in there @iDanoo !

My brother s an IT in charge of security at the CNRC in Canada( at the Industrial Materials Developments I guess), he works one day per week at home, wonder how he s doing it, will have to ask when I ll see him.

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Just don’t gas him you Old Fart!:joy:

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Lol, I ll try to !

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Well @iDanoo, as time goes by it will either be easier or more difficult depending on your home situation. But, it could be rewarding. Be aware, you may have to go to the office every so often, depending upon your employer’s requirements. :grin: