Reinstalling GRUB in dualboot system


I’ve reinstalle AL after Windows 10 update messed up dual booting.
AL deleted Windows bootloader during installation.
I’ve repaired Widows bootloader with installation media.

So the question is - how do i reinstall grub to have a functioning dual boot system.

They answered you, in the tread that has already opened.
You only need to restore windows, and you’re good to go, grub is already installed.
If you want windows to reboot, you have to either reinstall windows again, or restore it.

For restore windows 8 -10
for restore efi boot windows

to repair it automatically


Thank you.

I think i was unclear - windows is back and boots alright. But Windows restore messed up the EFI partition so i don’t have a way to boot to grub at the moment.

I was hoping to get some links to grub reinstallation tutorial, that is specific to ArchLabs

Check the Arch Wiki; there may be section in the grub page for restoring grub.

It will involve booting the ArchLabs live session and then chroot into your system to get the partitions mounted correctly and reinstall grub.

You dual booting from one or two hard drives?

Thank you. I’ll check Arch Wiki

ts a one SSD boot system.

He erased the windows boot, not the grub is a bug from the latest installation of archlabs.
read this post


@ector , i’ve repaired windows boot from the previous post.

now the struggle is with getting Grub back, so I am following @PackRat advice here

I think there is a thread in this forum concerning your problem - might be this one

Might be worth a read.

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Windows doesn’t touch any files in the ESP but it does reset the boot order in the motherboard NVRAM after major updates.

If you have a GNU/Linux “live” ISO image available then the output of this command will show the boot entries:


If there is a GRUB entry there then you can reset the order with

efibootmgr -o xxxx,yyyy,zzzz

Replace xxxx, etc, with the actual boot numbers shown in the plain efibootmgr output.

If you only have Windows available then please post the full output of



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Thank you. I’ve already managed to restore everything by automatic windows 10 repair and os-prober+grub config rebuild from AL Live.

Thank you for your help

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Glad that you got it sorted @onoma

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