Refresh for ArchLabs

It quite possibly could be but it isn’t something I have knowingly put in place.

@Dobbie03 I’m really curios and excited so I gotta ask when can we expect the new update? I’d like to reinstall my whole systemas soon as it gets out. Awesome job btw!

Hey @Chuck.Death, it’s in the works. Just fine tuning themes and some packages. No exact date. Everyone on the team works full time jobs and work on things as they can. Makes it hard to keep a deadline. But be sure to know everyone is busy getting things ready.


Seems fair to me @TimApple . I can wait on my end.


I hope the minimize maximize and close buttons changed. They looked a bit low res images before.

They looked fine my end. But yes they have had an upgrade.

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Are the checkboxes suppose to look red like this? If so and it was a value you set I’d recommend changing it to the red that is used for the window decor highlight. (I’m referrencing the xfwm one since I haven’t had a look at the openbox one)

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I’m not sure, make sure you have gtk-engine-murrine installed.

Since it’s a checkbox and would be pulled from an assets folder I think I just found the culprit. ~/.themes/ArchLabs-Dark/gtk-3.0/assets is just a symbolic link to …/…/Stilo/gtk-3.0/assets

The ArchLabs-Light theme has it’s own assets folder.

Yea you must have the old version before Matt fixed that.

Cool man. Thanks. I guess he hasn’t commited that change to the git repo yet.

Yup, just found it. Should be all fixed now Mr @cog

Mr. @Dobbie03 , I just synced the git repo. Looks like it’s fixed now. Thanks, I like the theme.

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A sneak preview


The wallpaper is of the mountain ranges that surround part of Queenstown NZ. The Remarkables. I wanted something to represent New Zealand.

@Negata and @badkarma thanks for your hard work on new wallpapers but I plan on making people aware of your work which is currently uploaded to a dedicated repo.


Looking good, is that openbox? I’ve been running i3 since may, and haven’t tried anything else really.

lol, good one in there Batman said so ! @Dobbie03

@Dobbie03 It looks better with those mountains :sunglasses:

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Nope, BSPWM. :smiley:

Thanks @altman & @Negata