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Are the checkboxes suppose to look red like this? If so and it was a value you set I’d recommend changing it to the red that is used for the window decor highlight. (I’m referrencing the xfwm one since I haven’t had a look at the openbox one)

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I’m not sure, make sure you have gtk-engine-murrine installed.

Since it’s a checkbox and would be pulled from an assets folder I think I just found the culprit. ~/.themes/ArchLabs-Dark/gtk-3.0/assets is just a symbolic link to …/…/Stilo/gtk-3.0/assets

The ArchLabs-Light theme has it’s own assets folder.

Yea you must have the old version before Matt fixed that.

Cool man. Thanks. I guess he hasn’t commited that change to the git repo yet.

Yup, just found it. Should be all fixed now Mr @cog

Mr. @Dobbie03 , I just synced the git repo. Looks like it’s fixed now. Thanks, I like the theme.

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A sneak preview


The wallpaper is of the mountain ranges that surround part of Queenstown NZ. The Remarkables. I wanted something to represent New Zealand.

@Negata and @badkarma thanks for your hard work on new wallpapers but I plan on making people aware of your work which is currently uploaded to a dedicated repo.


Looking good, is that openbox? I’ve been running i3 since may, and haven’t tried anything else really.

lol, good one in there Batman said so ! @Dobbie03

@Dobbie03 It looks better with those mountains :sunglasses:

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Nope, BSPWM. :smiley:

Thanks @altman & @Negata


No problem my friend.

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I’m currently doing my final testing install right now. Once @natemaia has completed his and we have no issues I think we may be releasing something.

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It’s finally happening!

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Thanks to all who assisted.

Please see the release announcement.

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