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Refresh for ArchLabs

So I finally have managed to get myself a new (well new to me) laptop to test on today. I’m picking it up this afternoon.

I have built a new ISO which I will begin testing ASAP. Keep an eye on this thread for more information.

I’m not in a position as yet to add new functions, apps etc etc this will be nothing more than a refresh.


I’m going to jump back in the slack… see how I can help you out.


All good, early days yet. Just got home from collecting the laptop.

Just booting into AL installer now.

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That s cool , new lappy, new iso, you should do it more often @Dobbie03 ! lol

Congrats on new lappy.


Nice :smiley:

Im thinking of retiring my old toshiba laptop, i think 10 years is sufficient usage. Only had to replace the hard drive and battery once. Im getting worried lately though, i thought it was just the musl libc distros causing lockups but it seems i was mistaken, has something to do with my keyboard, as if i use it heavily i get full lockups which makes me think the motherboard is on its way out?

I will fervently be waiting.

I have updated the icon and GTK themes. Check them out here.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

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Appreciated @Dobbie03