Redcore Linux Project


Distribution based on Gentoo with simple installation and desktop LXQt and Openbox.

Let’s go to the test! :grin:


I like the look of this


I like the very last line:

Copyleft (ɔ) 2016 - 2018 Redcore Linux Project

I think I going to do a little more research on this one.


Something big, I mean Big is going to have to come along.

Been through all the distro hopping crap. Will always love BL and debian but comfortably numb with Arch.




Thx for sharing, might give it a try.


How so ?

Agreed, although I like to go back to fedora from times to times ^^

Never tried gentoo though, isn’t like way harder than arch to learn and configure plus compiling everything from hands ?


Just a way of expressing how content I’ve become with Arch in general and ArchLabs in particular. There’s nothing even remotely close which interests me.