Reconfigure archlabs

is there a way to reconfigure archlabs? what script do i have to run? i am now on a clean archlinux install and i want to install the archlabs themes for openbox and awesome

I’m guesing you’re meaning the al-hello script? Run al-hello from your terminal.

Well basically i have a clean archlinux install and i want to install the archlabs openbox configuration. I would install archlabs from scratch but i cant get the nvidia drivers to work on it…

If they won’t work on ArchLabs wouldn’t it be the same on Arch itself?

What nvidia card are you using @InvisibleRasta? Also, have you read


to see what you can do about nvidia.

i have a nvidia 960m laptop. i ended up diching nvidia drivers and configuring just the intel ones

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how come i do not have the al-hello file? what package provides it?

The al-hello file is part of archlabs, not vanilla archlinux.
Please try and state questions in an ordered manner to not cause any unnecessary confusion. Also, provide as much information as you can. Which drivers exactly are you trying to configure, etc.

i solved the proble, just reinstalled archlabs and installed the intel drivers. so now everything is fine. i jsut got one question regarding the al-hello script. If i installed archlabs and want to reconfigure openbox with the default archlabs theming how would i do it? since i see there is no al-hello

Type in terminal: al-hello

in zsh
nico@arch ~ % al-hello
zsh: command not found: al-hello
in bash
nico@arch ~ $ al-hello
bash: al-hello: command not found

Have you rebooted since the install and updated?

yes updated with pacman -Syyu and yes rebooted a dozen times
this are the al- options i get with tab completion
al-compositor al-kb al-recent-files-pipemenu
al-conkyedit al-kb-pipemenu al-tint2edit
al-conkypin al-panel-chooser al-tint2-pipemenu
al-conky-pipemenu al-places-pipemenu al-tint2restart
al-conky-session al-polybar-edit al-tint2-session
al-conkyzen al-polybar-pipemenu al-tint2zen
al-help-pipemenu al-polybar-session al-xinerama-prop
al-info al-polyzen

You are likely running with the unstable repos enabled (in which the pipe menu package is the latest version and al-hello is no longer included), please post the output of:

pacman -Qss archlabs-pipemenus

So I can see the package version.

Packages that reside in multiple repos can be installed from one or the other by prefixing with repo/package, eg.

pacman -S archlabs_repo/archlabs-pipemenus 


man pacman
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pacman -Qss archlabs-pipemenus loccal/archlabs-common 1.3.7-2 (archlabs) Common and help files for archlabs-pipemenus local/archlabs-pipemenus 2.6.24-1 (archlabs)
Pipemenus and other scripts for use in ArchLabsld i uninstall all the packages from usntable and reinstall the stable ones?
can i jsut remove unstable repo and do :slight_smile:

  pacman -S archlabs-common  archlabs-dARK archlabs-fonts archlabs-icons archlabs-installer archlabs-keyring archlabs-kickshaw archlabs-networkmanager-dmenu archlabs-obkey archlabs-oblogout archlabs-paranoid archlabs-pipemenu archlabs-polybar archlabs-skippy-xd archlabs-themes archlabs-user-skel archlabs-wallpapers b43-firmware

This is definitely the case, the versions in stable are 1.3.5 and 2.6.18 respectively

Yea, you can edit your /etc/pacman.conf and comment out the unstable/testing repo, then run pacman with the usual -Syyu flags this should downgrade any packages, otherwise you may have to manually re-install them with -S

If all you want is the stable pipemenus package then do

pacman -S archlabs_repo/archlabs-pipemenus
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cant figure out how to downgrade the packages, sorry might be a stupid question but i tried all i knew.

The Wiki may help