Recent update has broken / drun

Hey, I’m pretty stumped on this one… isn’t running for any scripts - logout / drun / etc.
Spent a good hour on it so far with no luck. I couldn’t call it from terminal either, so I added /etc/skel/bin to my path and now it works (in .zshrc / .bashrc) but i3 still can’t call it… I’m confuuuuused!


bindsym Control+space exec --no-startup-id -r

this is needed for super key to launch rofi

bindsym Mod1+F1 exec --no-startup-id -r

logout script

bindsym $Mod+x exec --no-startup-id -l

nevermind… Just made a symlink and it worked. Turns out to be a path issue!

sudo ln -s /etc/skel/bin/ /usr/bin/