Recent syslinux update refers to ArchLinux Wiki

While running updates recently, I noticed some warnings referring to the ArchLinux wiki page:

Yup, My ancient MBP is EFI. So, I assume I can follow the info on this page and get everything working swimmingly? Or can I claim ignorance and ignore this? That’s the lazy, frightful and insecure part of me asking. This is my daily driver, so I don’t really want to screw up my boot section, especially since Archlabs is working so damn well. So, just looking for a bit of guidance, or checking if others have done this and everything is okay. Hand holding, I suppose is what I’m looking for.

I highly doubt you are using syslinux as your bootloader, you would know if you were :wink:

You can safely ignore it.

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Thanks, that’s where I was confused! I just couldn’t put my finger on it during the mini freak out. I’m using grub. It doesn’t even see my MacOs install and I think I have a page bookmarked to fix it, but I have been too chicken to fix it. Plus, I don’t even use MacOS ever.

Thanks for the hand holding @natemaia

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